Helen gets into an argument

Everything you need to know about Day 5

Today was never going to be the happiest day in the Big Brother House. Yesterday, housemates nominated for the first time, and that seemed to be weighing heavily on their minds this morning.

Tamara and Winston regret their nominations

Tamara and Winston thought they might have made the wrong decision and Christopher thought Pauline might be up to something, while Ashleigh was confused about how her hot water bottle got emptied in the night. Conspiracy theories abounded, but maybe someone should have asked Jale and Mark, since they're the House's resident psychics.

Housemates hid Mark's money

Boredom - or maybe jealousy - led some of the housemates to steal and hide Mark's £5,000 prize. Naughty, naughty. And speaking of naughtiness, Tamara and Winston got their "flanter" on in the kitchen, discussing rude things and, um, bolognese.

The audience approval task kept housemates busy this afternoon, as they had to compete with one another to be the weirdest, sexiest, or most disgusting. With suitcases at stake, this task was serious business.

Danielle is angry about being nominated

But the day's biggest drama, inevitably, came when the results of yesterday's nominations were revealed. The first three housemates to face the public vote are Danielle, Tamara, and Jale. There was an added sting in the tail for Jale, too: Pauline picked her as her killer nomination, which means she'll be up for eviction every week until she goes.

With emotions riding high, Danielle indulged in a bit of a rant, and soon the entire House was being dragged into an almighty argument. As we head into the early hours of the morning, things seem to be calming down a bit, but we probably haven't heard the last of this row just yet...