Day 44

Everything you need to know about Day 44

Congratulations! You survived Big Brother Armageddon. Unfortunately two housemates were not so fortunate. Shall we have a quick recap?

As the final day of Armageddon crept through the House, the air was thick with speculation, conspiracies and hairspray. The night's impending eviction played heavily on the housemates' minds, and Steven was concerned about how much power the newbies really had. 

Steven's suspicions lasted almost two seconds as thoughts soon turned to how a certain American would react if he were to bid his final farewell in the evening. 

Meanwhile, in a bedroom not too far away, Biannca, Pav and Zoe juggled with the housemates' fates as they attempted to come to a decision about which one of the originals would get the boot. Their conclusion: they were still none the wiser. 

Evictions and shock surprises can really bring a Friday down. Luckily Big Brother had something special to distract housemates from their pre-eviction troubles. Helen and her puppet friends were on hand to cheer up housemates in the only way possible... by delving into the trickier situations in the House.

Ash puppet

The lucky puppeteers included model housemates Ash and Ashleigh, partners in eyebrows Mark and Christoper, and Biannca and Danielle, who both agreed to take 10% from each other in a bid to develop into well-rounded housemates. But was it too little too late?

Zoe had some words of advice for Steven about his relationship with Kim, but soon all housemates could focus on was perfecting the perfect eviction quiff as they prepared for Big Brother Armageddon to make its final strike.

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. Big Brother Armageddon, however, does, and double destruction was soon to rip through the House. Biannca was the first to feel its almighty force and was given the boot after a mere four days, leaving remaining newbies Pav and Zoe with the task of delivering the bad news to the others...

After 30 seconds of deliberation, Danielle's fate was sealed and she was forced to wave goodbye to the House and her best pal Ashleigh. Awww. 

Housemates couldn't believe their eyes as Danielle shuffled her way out of the front door. Pav and Zoe looked a little sheepish, but it wasn't long before they were all toasting the latest evictees in solidarity. 

How will the House cope with life post-Armageddon? Will Ashleigh find a new partner for the Pod? We'll just have to sit back and wait...