Everything you need to know about Day 38

The day after Jale's eviction and the housemates could have been forgiven for thinking that Armegeddon had come early as they woke up to a spooky post-apocalyptic scene as part of their Planet of the Apes Task. 

After screaming "damn them all to hell!" over and over again, the housemates were more concerned with looking the part as they donned tatty rags and bandanas. The end of the civilisation doesn't have to mean the end of fastidious eyebrow gardening. 

After a light luncheon of oak aged scorpion and hand-squashed beetle, the housemates had to stand under an active sewage pipe and fight over dead fish as they plopped out. Damn dirty housemates. 

The fun continued as they were tasked with building a raft, which they then had to test on the choppy waters of the pool.  Surprisingly, Danielle's shoddily cobbled together raft sank quicker than Robin Thicke's new album. It's a hard way to learn that hollow tubes have negligible buoyancy but we all have to sometime. 

After a hard day's trying to re-establish a workable society among the ruins of the BB garden, the housemates were rewarded with a little knees-up, which the House's newest 'couple' seemed to enjoy rather a lot. 

But it wasn't just love's young dream who were in a good mood. The whole House came together like never before. First Ash made a soppy speech about how good it was that everyone was finally getting along. 

Then, in one of the biggest surprises of the series, Helen and Ashleigh sat down and talked with only a minimal amount of name calling.

It's so nice to see this new found harmony in the House that it seems almost a shame to utterly destroy it in less than 36 hours. A very entertaining shame.