Everything you need to know about Day 3

Day three was all about parties and power.

After a slowish start, the benevolent dictator Pauline decided to reward Mark, Helen and Danielle when she invited them all into her Power Pad for a banquet fit for a minor Earl (no chickpeas in sight).  

Meanwhile, Tamara and Winston engaged in what can only be described as some outrageous flirting, including a steamy encounter in the surprisingly capacious hot tub. Winston pulled out every move in his armoury and even, at one baffling moment, invented his very own nickname: The Winst-Meister. Casanova and Don Juan can probably rest easy.

In the afternoon the first group task got under way with the housemates having to arrange themselves from 'Most' to 'Least' in various different categories (Fake, Manipulative, Obnoxious, Successful, Arrogant, Judgemental). Pauline and Christopher looked on from the Diary Room and had to guess, without the aid of sound, which category was which.   

In the evening Pauline chose Christopher, Winston, Steven and Matthew to join her for a 'Power Party.' As the drinks went down the housemates started to dance and we can confirm that none of them have moves like Jagger, or even Charlie Watts. 

And after the 'Power Party' finished the lucky guests re-joined the other housemates to continue the festivities.