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Everything you need to know about Day 12

After all the non-task excitement, housemates needed some relief on Day 12. Luckily, a shopping task was the focus of the day and housemates found themselves newly enrolled as Big Brother's cadets, complete with appropriate uniforms. Katie was designated leader, dubbed 'Red Pigeon' for the duration of the struggle for shopping.

Katie Hopkins Kavana Celebrity Big Brother

As cadets, the gang had badges to earn. Nadia and Perez kicked off the process by doing some thoroughly good deeds throughout the household.

Nadia Sawalha Celebrity Big Brother

On top of good deeds, a few sacrifices and some tough decisions had to be made too. Later on, they found out if they had earned their badges or if they'd made a mess of their whole campaign.

Keith Chegwin Celebrity Big Brother

That wasn't the end of the jamboree though. Cadets care about the environment and our pals are no different. So it was strange helmets on and tidy up like there's no tomorrow for our celebs. But we wouldn't want them to get their hands dirty - so Big Brother made them use their faces. Naturally.

Katie Hopkins Celebrity Big Brother

After all that activity - and another round of badges being handed out - housemates were beginning to tire. Imaginary caffeine was the only solution. That was exactly what was required to take the housemates through a relentless round of honesty as Big Brother's honesty stick did the rounds.

 Michelle Visage Celebrity Big Brother

Honesty was clearly the best policy as housemates PASSED their weekly shopping task! Huzzah! They were all very happy indeed.

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Big Brother let them have their moment. Briefly. Soon it was time to announce the results of the previous day's nominations and, as ever, there was shock and consternation. Reactions varied throughout the House.

Kavana Celebrity Big Brother

Once the shock had worn off, our housemates settled into rather a lovely vibe. Kavana spoke to Perez at length. Katie H and Alicia had a heart-to-heart. This was perhaps the most settled evening in the House so far and even included a Katie Price tanning extravaganza.

Katie Hopkins Celebrity Big Brother

Will the peace last long?

Probably not. But fingers crossed all the same.