Everything you need to know about Day 10

The day started in a very strange way when Adjoa asked if she could drink a shot of Jade's bath water. Eeeeww.

After that unpleasantness Jade had some forthright opinions on Eileen. Namely that she wanted to see her go on Friday. As Jade loves to say: what's meant to be is meant to be.

And what's really meant to be is Danny and Sarah. They had a little heart to heart and Danny said he'd miss her cooking if she left. Real love does exist.

But the lovey dovey stuff was soon over when the housemates had to debate one another in the day's task. They had to separate into two teams and prepare their statements to the House.

Things started off pretty fiery when Cristian was labelled the most inconsiderate housemate.

But then things really kicked off, with screaming, shouting and even some tears. Actually, it was just like the real House of Commons.

Jade then called Eileen "ignorant" but tried to claim that she wasn't attacking her personally. Not sure Eileen believed her. 

Thankfully, love and happiness did return to the House when some of the girls lost themselves in Danny's beautiful eyes

The cracks are definitely starting to appear and tomorrow one of the Housemates will be leaving in the first 'proper' live eviction of the series.

You definitely don't want to miss it. Channel 5, 9pm.