day 1 power

Everything you need to know about Big Brother launch night

What a launch night. Ten housemates entered the House tonight and the Power Trip began. Last year's housemates even got given some power as Ginxter took over our Twitter...

We thought Emma Willis might don a power suit for the ocassion but she looked rather radiant in a white jumpsuit instead...

Christopher, Danielle, Helen, Kimberly, Mark, Matthew, Pauline, Steven, Tamara, Winston were the first new residents through the door and anything could happen from here on in. As you can imagining, there was a lot of OMGing.

Emma's fellow white jumpsuiter Pauline was voted the housemate with the power by the viewers in the first task of the series. The public must've been as impressed as us by the fact that the 49-year-old, who also goes by the name of Jazzi P, rapped on Kylie's single Shocked (watch it here - amazing). Big Brother challenged her to punish one housemate and reward another. If Kylie was 'shocked' by her power back in 1990s, Pauline was flabbergasted by her own now.

As a result Mark is five grand richer (mainly thanks to his love of Mariah Carey), and Matthew is living in a box – for tonight at least. 

The new bunch are bonding as only housemates can – most have a glass of wine in hand, Winston christened the pool and Helen has already had a moan because Christopher piddled on the toilet seat. What larks.

Tomorrow will bring a host of new housemates and if we know Big Brother, more surprises. We can’t wait. And Matthew definitely can't...