Housemates return

Day 70: Old housemates make a surprise return

You might have thought that the old housemates had already had their fifteen minutes of fame. Think again!

After spending the day coaching housemates on the ins and outs of the media, mastering a crowd-pleasing exit and the art of a good sales pitch, the remaining six were reunited with housemates of Big Brother's past. Here's a summary of the main things that happened...

Old housemates enter

They hugged...

Ashleigh and Mark hug

They sang...


And they cried. The three stages of any Big Brother experience.

Ashleigh and Danielle

The evictees filled housemates in on what life is like beyond Big Brother's front door...

Pav and Zoe

Before getting to the heart of all the important matters.


But all good things must come to an end, and the old housemates waved their sorrowful goodbyes. Don't worry guys, you'll be reunited again on Friday...

Wave goodbye