Getting ready

Day 65: Top five ways to get eviction ready

Ever wondered just what it takes to get that perfect eviction look? We've watched, we've assessed, and now we're ready to share all. Notepads at the ready, here's the top five ways to get eviction ready. 

1. Enhance your mane by using a range of heated styling appliances. Particularly relevant if you're going for something a bit steamy...

Mark steam

2. Time is precious and housemates are vultures. Grab anything you can to iron out those creases.

Ash bathroom

3. Be sure to compliment your peers. Getting ready for the night's grand event can be a testing process.  

Mark and Helen

4. Think of your outfit as an extension of your personality, particularly if you think of yourself as an inverted penguin.


5. And always remember - you're never fully dressed without a smile. 

Pretty as a picture