Day 5: Housemates react to nominations

When it comes to Big Brother, nothing causes a stir quite like nominations. And tonight’s big reveal stirred up the House like a ladle in a giant bowl of Pauline's chicken soup.

After gathering housemates on the sofa, Big Brother announced that Jale, Tamara and Danielle will face this week’s public vote, with Jale facing the ill-fate of Pauline's killer nomination.

Surprisingly, Jale took it all in her stride, being seemingly more concerned with her 'lack of mouth' in her official BB photo than the fact she will face the public vote EVERY WEEK. 

Despite an initial shock from the House, Tamara took her nomination pretty calmly. Her only concern, really, was how many people might have nominated her. “I just want to know the numbers,” she told Ash, who helpfully threw out some digits, saying he thought some people probably got 12 nominations and others only one. 

But elsewhere in the House, a Danielle storm was brewing...

After hearing she was up for eviction, Danielle and Helen failed to see eye to eye in an argument that definitely ruffled a few of the housemate's feathers.

Housemates took to the outdoors as Mark tried to calm proceedings by revealing that he "knew a storm was coming...". He could have just been talking about the weather though, which really was abysmal.

Elsewhere in the House, Jale and Pauline decided that tonight was also the night to finally clear the air over recommended portion sizes for dinner. 

And as for the others, Ash tried to liven the mood as thoughts turned to the more important matter of his hair. It needs thinning out, apparently. But sadly, no-one had any scissors, so he’ll just have to live with his current mop.