Day 5: A fractious morning

The morning after the nominations and the generally sunny mood of the house is perhaps just beginning to see the first cirrus clouds of discontent gathering.  

Christopher has been speculating like an internet conspiracy theorist to Tamara and Helen about the role of Pauline in the nominations.  He seems convinced that BB and or Pauline hasn’t been totally honest with them. Is Pauline’s crown beginning to slip? Perhaps Christopher is planning BB’s first ever coup d’état.

Helen complained that she was having a “rough day” and her voice sounded as if she’d been to a few too many power parties in the last few days.

Matthew was moaning about the pungent odour emanating from the bathroom and Toya was concerned by the potential for catastrophic towel mix ups.

But the perhaps the strangest episode of the morning came in the form of Ashleigh’s hot water bottle.  In what is sure to become one of the great mysteries, alongside the Bermuda Triangle and the Marie Celeste, the contents of Ashleigh’s bottle vanished without trace during the night.

Wild speculation followed in which Winston was accused of drinking it and then Ashleigh thought that she might have emptied herself and just forgotten. Investigations are ongoing.