Day 38: The housemates' guide to surviving the apocalypse

Housemates woke up in a very different world this morning... a post-apocalyptic world, in which they'd have to draw on their basest survival instincts just to get by. Food, comfort, even shelter: all of those things were luxuries they'd have to do without to make it in the wilderness of the Big Brother garden.

Here are five lessons the housemates learned about life on the Planet of the Apes:

1. Blend in with your environment

In a world of predators and prey, effective camoflage techniques could mean the difference between life and death. Or, like, task success or failure.

2. Forage for whatever you can

When food is scarce, you can't afford to be picky. And insects are a great source of protein...

3. Find your tribe

No man is an island, so finding or recruiting a strong tribe is another pretty important survival tactic. Just because you might not have liked someone in everyday life doesn't mean they don't have valuable fish-catching skills, after all.

4. Use your environment

When resources are scarce, you've got to use everything at your disposal. Even if it looks a bit like rubbish. Use your imagination!

5. Do whatever it takes to survive

Times are hard at the end of civilisation, and there's no time for niceties. If your survival comes at the cost of someone else's, well, it's survival of the fittest, innit?