• Pauline's Party Posse waved goodbye and made their way to the Power Pod
  • And were greeted with a whole host of exclusive treats
  • ...including a few items they had been particularly longing for
  • Steven wasted no time familiarising himself with the cupcakes
  • While Mark made sure they all knew this was HIS song
  • They partied...
  • They competed...(be careful Winston, she has the power!)
  • But eventually, they had to leave
  • How did the others take it? Sunglasses hid their waterlogged eyes

Day 3: Pauline parties with her Party Posse

Big Brother decided to reward our new family of housemates with a very exclusive party in the Power Pod. A party so exclusive that only Pauline and her seven housemates of choice could join in with the frolics.  The rest would sadly have to suffer with each other’s company without the bonus of chart music and cupcakes. Have a peek at their night on the Big Brother tiles....