Day 28: The great detective

Winston has many great qualities: story-telling, impressions and cooking up a proper spag bol. But how are his crime-solving skills?

Big Brother chose Winston to play the detective in the House's very own murder mystery. With three secret assassins stalking the housemates, could Borehamwood's answer to Sherlock Holmes crack the case? Here's how he did...

A Study In Scarlet

Even before a single murder had taken place, Detective Winston had his suspicions. Ashleigh had a theory that the assassins were all wearing red, and Winston agreed, examining everything the housemates were wearing.

Marlon was wearing red braces and a red bow tie, Steven was wearing a red tie, Helen was wearing a red dress, and Chris was wearing... a pink tie? Kimberly was wearing red lipstick, and Winston thought maybe that counted, too.

It didn't, of course. It was just a red herring.

A Case Of Identity

After Ash's hat was discovered next to the smoke bomb that 'killed' Helen and Christopher, Detective Winston decided to arrest Ash. After all, Kimberly had already accused him, as the only other person in the garden when the bomb went off, of being an assassin. 

But after a long discussion, Ash managed to persuade Winston that he was innocent. His argument was that he wouldn't have used his own hat to hide the bomb, since it would be too obvious. The double-bluff worked, and Winston let the first assassin slip through his fingers. He even tried to arrest Chris at one point, so thoroughly had he been taken in.

The Adventure Of The Creeping Man

The second day of the task started with murder in the dark, as Ash used night vision goggles to creep through the pitch black bedroom to throw a bucket of 'blood' over Mark. Did Detective Winston suspect?

Since he was lying in bed with Ash while housemates discussed their theories (a ninja? A member of the Big Brother production staff army-crawling through the bedroom? Danielle?) we'd have to say no, he didn't. 

The Sealed Room

As the body count rose, though, Detective Winston got serious about solving the mystery. When Matthew was murdered over a seemingly civilised brunch, he was presented with a dilemma and two suspects: was the assassin Chris, or Jale? Both of them offered the same story, and both of them turned on their most innocent-looking faces. There was only one clue: the blood spatter.

While Jale's dress was spotless, Chris had blood all over his suit jacket. Did that mean he was the assassin, or was he just an innocent bystander? Winston eventually deduced that Chris couldn't have splashed blood on his own back, but the spot of blood on Jale's hat momentarily threw him off. Still, in the end, he arrested the right person.

Elementary, my dear Winston

With six housemates dead and five suspects remaining, Big Brother called Detective Winston to close the case. Which two housemates did he think were the assassins?

He immediately ruled out Chris and Danielle, but that left Ash, Steven, and Ashleigh. Based on a guilty look from Ash, and some preternatural gut instinct, Winston accused Ash and Steven, successfully identifying all of the assassins.

Well, when you've eliminated the impossible, whatever's left, however improbable - like all your mates being cold-blooded killers? - must be the truth.