Mark and Marlon pillow fighting

Day 15: Late night pillow fights

It's the night before an eviction, and housemates are starting to feel the strain. With six of them facing the public vote, anything could happen tomorrow. So what better way to let off steam than with a massive pillow fight?

Mark pillow fighting

It all started with Mark, Winston, and Marlon pelting one another with pillows in the bedroom. 

Toya with pillows

But it soon escalated, as these things tend to do, with Toya and Jale getting involved.

Winston pillow fight

After a brief ceasefire, as Mark and Toya took cover in the toilet while Marlon and Winston lay in wait outside, it all kicked off again - and Ashleigh, Danielle, and Chris got drawn in, too.

Helen and Winston pillow fight

Soon even Helen and Ash, who'd spent most of the evening having a cosy chat in the garden, were getting in on the action. As the pillow fight spread across the House, only Pauline, Kimberly, and Steven managed to resist the siren call of the soft furnishings.

Ahh. It's all fun and games until someone hits a camera with a pillow. All that running and shrieking must have been cathartic, though, as housemates all seem to be in a better mood now. It won't last, though. After all, someone is definitely getting kicked out tomorrow night...