Criminal Case

Criminal Case: CASE FILE


Date: 16th August 2017

Time: 12.14pm

Location: CBB Beach

Celebrity talent agent Stella Star has been found murdered on CBB Beach

Investigating officers Detective Paul and Junior Officer Brandi are on the scene.


Nine suspects have been apprehended. All of them were assumed to be clients of the deceased. 

Name: Sarah

Age: 35

Profession: Breakdancer

Name: Amelia

Age: 22

Profession: Acrobat

Name: Helen

Age: 62

Profession: Fortune teller

Name: Shaun

Known aliases: Barry

Age: 52

Profession: Rock star

Interrogation notes: Says the victim, Stella Star, hadn't found work for him since 1986. Is willing to have his semen tested. 

Name: Chad

Age: 30

Profession: Stripper

Interrogation notes: Claims to be without representation and that he did not know the victim. Likes boobs, women with cosmetic surgery and stripping.

Name: Derek

Age: 67

Profession: Strongman

Name: Sam

Age: 24

Profession: Drag queen

Name: Sandi

Age: 52

Profession: Burlesque dancer

Interrogation notes: Claims Sean Connery can provide her with an alibi for the time of the murder. Was at a beach party, but no signs of visible sand. 

Name: Jemma

Age: 29

Profession: Belly dancer


Want to know who the killers are? Detective Paul and Junior Officer Brandi are still investigating, but the killers' identities have been revealed... to you.


File to be updated as more information becomes available.


7.51pm: Detective Paul Danan and Junior Officer Brandi Glanville are currently interrogating the various suspects. Watch the case file video of the interrogations.

11.55pm: There have been a further two murders in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Paul Danan and Brandi Glanville have been killer nominated and will face the public vote this Friday.

17 August 2017:

11.08am: Detective Paul Danan and Junior Officer Brandi Glanville head to murder victim Stella Star's office to search for clues.

3.48pm: Paul thinks he's cracked the case as he names his two suspects. 

7.08pm: Sam has made a confession to Jemma. She is now an accomplice.

7.46pm: Detective Paul Danan believes he has identified one of the killers.

8.34pm: Detective Paul & Junior Officer Brandi examine evidence in the forensics lab.

10.43pm: Junior Officer Brandi thinks Sandi is acting suspicious.

18 August 2017:

12.04am: It's time for the detectives to make an arrest...

Watch Celebrity Big Brother on Friday 18 August to see whether Detective Paul and Junior Office Brandi cracked the case!


Detective Paul and Junior Officer Brandi make their arrests, but unfortunately, Sam and Sarah have gotten away with murder!