Diary Room chair

Check out this year's new-look House

Want to have a look around the newly redecorated Big Brother House before the housemates get in there? We've got all the pictures for you right here. This year's theme is Power Trip, and the House looks appropriately high-tech, with a shiny futuristic style throughout. There might be a few surprises for our new housemates in there, too...

Here's the kitchen, all decked out in green geometric patterns with bright, stark lighting

Take a good look: it's probably the cleanest you'll ever see it

And this is the new staircase, all lit up with glass sides. This might be the most see-through House ever

If they want to get into the Diary Room, housemates will need to use this touchpad

Over here, there's the dinner table. All very cosy, isn't it?

And the lounge. Check out those curves

What could all those LED panels be for?

One of the House's many mirrors, and a bit of handy storage

Here's another seating area, for one-on-one chats

The redesigned bedroom looks comfy enough

Housemates might need to learn to share, though

Somewhere for housemates to put their feet up

There really isn't anywhere to hide in this House, not even in the bathroom

Look at the size of that bathtub!

Watch out for these geometric heads. This one's looking after the housemates' towels

Let's hope the sun comes out so the housemates can enjoy the new garden

Especially because they've got this massive new swimming pool to splash around in

The view from above

One final look at the garden – including the spiral staircase up to the new snug.

Want to see this place full of housemates? Tune in on Thursday night at 9:00pm on Channel 5!