Celebrity Big Brother's ex-housemate horoscope!

We’ve had some crazy times with our Celebrity Big Brother housemates! To celebrate the launch of CBB on 2nd January, you can find out which ex housemate you’re the most compatible with based on your zodiac sign. Let us know which of these are weirdly accurate...



Speidi – The Trouble Maker

Heidi and Spencer Montag took the House by storm with their antics, and received a whopping 18 nominations during the series! She was the Bonnie to his Clyde and you, as an Aquarius, probably have your own mischievous partner in crime...



Kim Woodburn – The Agony Aunt

It wasn’t Kim’s fault she was trapped in a House with “Horrible People”, but before it all got too much the housemates saw her as mother like figure. Pisceans are compassionate and wise people so who better to go to with your problems.



Charlotte Crosby – The Fog Horn

One of our CBB queens was known for letting the WHOLE HOUSE know what was going on with her… Who remembers that time she woke up and screamed at the top of her lungs: ‘I’VE PEED THE BED AGAIN!’. Yep, Charlotte takes the crown for being an Aries fog horn, and we love her for it!



Sarah Harding – The Performer

As if we need to explain why Sarah Harding is a TOTAL performer… If you’ve ever sang along to a Girls Aloud tune in your bedroom with a hairbrush in hand, you’re totes a Taurus. The biggest strengths here are being practical and devoted, whether it’s to a career or to a #CBB beau like Chad… ;)



Chloe Jasmine and Stevi – The One’s That Are Permanently Nominated

It was no surprise that this couple were nominated a fair few times (well, it was actually everytime)… They caused their fair share of trouble during her time in the House, but still made it through to the finale and finished in 5th place! As a Gemini, you may be up to no good but you’re always a laugh and it may get you far!  


Daniella Westbrook – The House Mum/Dad

A Cancer’s strengths are tenaciousness, loyalty and sympathy and care-giving. Daniella Westbrook had her ups and down in the House, but she LOVED taking care of her housemates. In the words of her loyal friend, Gemma Collins: ‘She was amazin’, she was my mum in the House!’



Megan McKenna – The Drama Queen

Lion’s are the king of the jungle (even though they don’t actually live in the jungle) and royalty must always be treated with respect. The same goes for argumentative Megan who wasn’t frightened to show off her roar in the House.



Coleen Nolan – The Fence Sitter

We all know the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try again” and nobody knows this better than second time lucky series winner Coleen. Virgo’s can be shy, choosing to avoid the limelight and even Coleen knew it “If I put my hand on my heart I didn’t deserve to win it as I have been boring."


Patsy Kensit – The Peacekeeper

Libra’s like to keep things balanced and to avoid conflict. Our Patsy loved to keep things zen (or at least try to) whilst she was in the House. It was probably easier said than done though.


Julie Goodyear – The Wind Up Merchant

Scorpios live to express emotion, but it’s not their fault that they do this differently to everyone else. Jokes and teasing come as standard and Julie had the Housemates all wound up with her constant stream of bantz and water throwing...



Jemma Lucy – The Prankster

Sagittarians are hella funny and enthusiastic, but their need for freedom can cause them to be mischievous when confined.  A sense of isolation might be to blame for Jemma losing control of her naughty side.



Gemma Collins – The Reality Queen

A Capricorn’s weaknesses are being a know-it-all and unforgiving. We don’t think Gemma’s fully forgiven us for not leaving the blowdryers on all day, even though she offered to pay the electric! If you see yourself in the GC, congrats on being a reality QUEEN!

Celebrity Big Brother begins on Tuesday 2nd January at 9pm on Channel 5.