Celebrity Big Brother: The Live Launch

#CBB returned in style tonight as 15 incredible celebrities entered the House. We had more memorable entrances than we could shake a stick at and Barry from Eastenders even got his own secret task. Take a look at how Twitter reacted to an unforgettable launch night.


11:00pm -  Go on Barry, son! #SecretTaskMaster







10:45pm - It's our final housemate, Paul 'Dangerous' Danan.








10:39pm - It's bubbly songbird, Amelia Lily. Will she be a number one hit in the House?




10:30pm Lock up your sons and your daughters... it's nudity enthusiast, Jemma Lucy!




10:26pm - It's YouTube sensation Trisha. We have a feeling Twitter will have a lot to say about this housemate coming on the show!




10:21pm - It's 'lads' lad' Jordan. How will he get on with the ladies in the #CBB House?




10:10pm - It's outspoken American, Brandi. What a potty mouth this one has!




10:05pm - Say hello to 'Big K' and his 'world famous monobrow'!





10:00pm - It's Helen Lederer. We have a feeling she's going to be ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS in the House!




9:50pm - It's eligible batchelor Chad! What a handsome chap he is! 








9:46pm - She's known for watching the telly, now she is the telly. It's Sandi Bogle!




9:35pm - It's fiery Mob Wife, Marissa Jade. We wouldn't want to mess with her!!!







9:30pm - Who could have predicted this? Well, maybe the man himself, it's celebrity psychic medium Derek Acorah!





9:20pm - It's time for housemate number 3, it's Chelsea boy, Sam!




9:15pm - It's Girls Aloud star SARAH HARDING!


9:12pm - He's only been in the House 2 minutes and Big Brother is already setting Shaun a secret mission. Will he be up to the task?! He's seems up for it!







9:09pm - IT'S BARRY!!! AKA Shaun Williamson.



9:06pm - And we're off! Doesn't Emma look incredible tonight?