CBB 2017's housemate highlights

Whichever housemate was your fave, and whoever you were backing to win, you've got to admit our celebs this time round were a fascinating, hilarious, argumentative, creative, and generally great bunch, who all brought something special to the House. As a final farewell, we've tracked down each housemate's defining moment, presented here for your viewing pleasure:

Angie's detox

Angie Best is a woman who knows her way around a kale smoothie, so when Big Brother put her in charge of detoxing the House, she was in her element.

Austin's elemental row

Never one to back down from an argument, Austin managed to fight with Speidi over both water and air. Impressive stuff.

Jasmine's three-in-a-bed dream

She said she wanted to get involved in another love triangle before she went into the House, and lo and behold she almost managed it... well, kinda. Still, we reckon there are plenty of you out there who wouldn't mind being in a Jamie/Calum sandwich.

James J's hellish pranks

Jokester James J loved stirring things up, so when Big Brother let the hellbound housemates back in to grab their stuff, he didn't hesitate to start making a mess at the expense of the other celebs. Oh James.

Chloe's wild night

Actually, were any of Chloe's nights in the House anything other than wild?

Stacy's biggest row

Stacy's time in the House was spent doing two things: singing and yelling. This is an example of the latter.

Jessica's winning tactics

She didn't make it to the winner's circle, but since Jessica likes to be prepared, she had her winning face all ready to go. Awww.

Speidi's spats

Like James J, Speidi live for conflict. We could've picked any of their rows, either, but this one seemed like a classic.

Jamie's secret smooching

Our Jamie definitely had an eye for the ladies of the House, but this, ahem, romantic moment saw him finally seal the deal. As it were.

Calum's shocker

Turns out Angie's really good at keeping secrets. Calum's face here will delight us forever. For. Ever.

Bianca's home shopping brilliance

We're not suggesting a change in career is imminent, but if Bianca can sell dog food this well, she can sell anything.

Nicola's never backing down

One thing we've learned: Nicola won't back down from an argument, no matter what. She's got guts, that girl.

James C's noble steed

All Lord Commanders need their trusty steeds, and James C's utter delight at leading a tutu-clad miniature pony through the House is infectious.

Kim's kick-off

Another one who never backed down from an argument, Kim always made her opinions known. Seriously, don't start with this one. She won't be beaten.

Jedward's surprise appearance

Now, there's nothing wrong with entering the Big Brother House on launch night and coming in through the front door, but Jedward's surprise entrance, cloaked in dry ice, dressed as astronauts, was one hell of a way to make an impression.

Coleen's saucy come-on

Obviously the moment she won the show was serious highlight, but we decided to go with this moment instead - now, there's a woman who knows how to let loose.