Calum's CBB snapshots

Best man Calum has been evicted! His second time through the Celebrity Big Brother journey has seen all sorts of ups and downs… and not just from Chloe trying to sit on his lap. While he prepares to head home, let’s take a look back at some of his Best moments…

When he saw his mum on launch night

Honestly, Calum's reaction when his mum walked into the House is still a contender for the best moment of the series. His face!

When he insisted he was more than a one-night stand

Coleen dropped a bit of a clanger when she suggested that while Jamie was relationship material, Calum was more of a one-night stand. She was talking personal preferences, he thought she was implying something else, it was all a bit of a drama. But at least one thing got clarified: Calum's no playboy.

When he was the apple of Chloe's eye

Although, er, maybe not everyone got that memo. Chloe certainly took a shine to him, grabbing any chance she could to get a cuddle out of our Calum. Again: his face!

When literally everyone fancied him a bit

Even when they knew they didn't stand a chance, pretty much all our housemates enjoyed the view.

When he kicked off at Jedward

Calum wasn't just eye candy, of course. He made his presence known when he stood up for Nicola in an argument with John, and the argument got pretty heated. It takes a lot to make Calum's cool calm exterior crack, but on Day 25, it finally did. At least a little bit.

When he stood trial for not being loyal

During Judgement Weekend, Calum was in the dock charged with not being loyal to his friends - even suggesting that their romance was being put on for the camera! He was also accused of being dull. He made a good case for himself, though.

But now the jury's in, and Calum's out! At least he'll be able to see his mum again.