Big Brother vs The 1950s

This week the housemates have gone back in time to the 1950s. The women, dressed in fetching floral ensembles, get up early to cook and clean all day. While the men, on the other hand, don their overalls and bring home the bacon working a busy day on the Big Brother factory floor. Big Brother couldn’t be more historically accurate, or could it?

Once the men have gone to work, the women remove their dresses and head to the factory too unbeknownst to the men of the House. This would have been a huge no-no in the 50s and we’ve spotted a few more things that wouldn’t have gone down well either.  

Colour TV

We are live and in living colour on your telly box every night from 9pm on Channel 5! But colour TV’s weren’t a thing until the 1970s.

Ginuwine and Ashley

Ashley and Ginuwine have been getting very close in the House. But would all this hand holding and cuddling between an unmarried couple would not have been allowed.  Actually, the 1950s saw the growth of courting between young adults, most would have done so on a weekly basis. Although without a parent’s permission (which we are pretty sure Ashley doesn’t have) a lady was not allowed to date.

Shane’s tattoos

Shane Lynch looks like the 1950s look was designed just for him. Overalls and beanie on, he looks like he traveled to the House in a souped-up DeLorean. His tattoo collection would be the only thing to give him away if he had, as fashion at the time discouraged tattoos, especially where visible.