The Big Brother 2014 Self-Portrait Gallery

Before they made their way into the House, the Big Brother housemates were tasked with leaving a behind a self-portrait each for everyone to enjoy. Something that encapsulates who they are and holds up a mirror to what they’re all about. The results were often moving, occasionally impressive, and in a couple of cases, weird.

Enjoy these breath-taking and insightful pictures below...


Male model Ash is clearly no stranger to his own face, and those hours in front of a lens or a mirror have paid off magnificently. What a wonderful caricature.


Thankfully Ashleigh has a rich and rewarding modelling career stretching out in front of her.


Hark, something challenging and edgy from the second most sarcastic housemate of the year. Is it a metaphor? Did he get bored? Can he not draw very well? A psychologist would have a field day.


You've got to admire Christopher, he's shown unswerving dedication by colouring in his picture using felt tip pens. This cumbersome process would have taken hours, possibly days.


Such a complex character, this is Danielle channelling her inner goddess, who, by the looks of things, dresses for the Oscars when she’s walking the dog.


This impressive self-portrait tells you two things about Helen: 1. She REALLY REALLY hates people rolling their eyes. As in REALLY hates it. And 2. She takes eyelashes very seriously.


Did someone confiscate Jale’s easel and beret when she entered the house? The girl’s a natural artist. Either that or she had way too much time on her hands. Impressive.


Kimberly appears to have muddled herself with a penguin that farts sunshine.


You’ll notice that Mark’s eyebrows are in pristine condition in this accurate self-imagining. But will they stay that way? Will they? Seriously, will they?


A self-confessed smooth operator, Marlon looks more like a mundane version of The Joker from Batman in this creepy scrawly. Must try harder.


Mixed messages from Matthew - or is he just exercising some of that legendary wit and irony that’s fast becoming his trademark? No one knows and there’s a good chance that no one ever will. Literally.


Don’t panic, that isn’t a small explosion on top of Pauline’s head, it’s a slightly inaccurate sketch of what her hair looks like. She’s saying “Jazzi P in da place 2B”, which means "Pauline is in the Big Brother house". She’s not wrong.


Steven appears to have taken an iconic fast food logo and fashioned it into a very intriguing self-portrait. Perhaps he’s unwittingly revealing his plans for global dominance?


Check out Tamara, she’s wearing a high powered business suit and a pose that says DON’T MESS.


Glancing through the mists into the future, Toya here appears to be predicting hunger or shopping list issues. On the upside, at least her eyelashes look great! She has exactly twenty-five of them!


To look at it, you might think that this drawing was taken from a primary school, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually by the in-house intellectual Winston.

Which one's your favourite?