Bianca's CBB snapshots

The CBB Juliet is joining her Romeo in the outside world after leaving the House in sixth position! Although a lot of the model's time was coloured by her romance with Jamie, let's not forget the steady good nature that she showed to any housemate who happened to be in need. From rocking eye-catching headwear to conquering her tears for the sake of team spirit, let's look back at Bianca's most memorable moments...

When she was spiky

If there's one thing we've learned about Bianca during her time in the House, it's that she loves to wear stuff on her head. Hats, teddy bears... you name it, she's put it on her head. But her most iconic look? Has to be the spikes she wore on launch night. 

When she learned to fly

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Bianca the Bold, sidekick to Pratt Attack, flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

When she missed out on a pony and a rave

During the Nothing To See task, housemates had to hide a series of treats from Bianca. She missed out on pizza, a visit from Tony the Pony, and even a secret rave in the Snug, without ever suspecting a thing. Awww.

When she snogged Jamie in the toilets

We love a good romance in the Celebrity Big Brother House, and this time around Bianca and Jamie seemed determined to give us one. First there was some gentle flirting, then some casual snuggling, and then finally they sneaked off for a snog in the toilets. Er, maybe not the most romantic of venues, but we'll take it.

When she admitted to having a boyfriend outside

Unfortunately the path of true love didn't exactly run smooth, because during the Bit On The Inside task, B 'fessed up: she'd been seeing someone on the outside. Jamie wasn't terribly impressed. But they got over it, and all's well that ends well, right?

When she picked food over family

It's always totes emosh when the celebrities are offered messages from home, and this time was no exception. Bianca got the chance to see her mum, but at the cost of the shopping budget. Did she take it? Nope! She chose to prioritise the House's happy tummies over a cuddle from her mum. Bless.

When she was a fairytale princess

When the House became a fairytale, Bianca was cast as the princess, which you'd think was the best role - except for the bit where the evil wizard tipped stinky porridge over her head. We hope the smell's washed out by tonight...

Love, loss, and everything in between, Bianca's CBB journey has been a massive one, but it's over now. Got another fave Bianca moment? Tweet us at @BBUK!