Bedroom bants: what do housemates get up to after dark?

Of all the rooms in the House, the bedroom seems to be the site of the most silliness. This year's bedroom is the smallest in Big Brother history, and with a massive 16 housemates sleeping there in the first week, it could have been pretty claustrophobic. Instead, it seems to have encouraged housemates to act like they're at a teenage sleepover. Here are some of the things housemates get up to past bedtime:


Scaring one another in the dark is a common pastime. The bedroom doesn't provide many places to hide - you can't even get under the beds - but housemates have managed to pull the classic "hide and jump out" trick on one another several times. Sneaky.

Pillow fights

The next logical step, after jumping out and scaring someone, is to instigate a pillow fight. The House has seen its fair share of pillow fights, from minor skirmishes involving just two housemates to epic battles drawing in almost all of the housemates. Soft furnishings have never seen such a bashing.


Most people sing in the shower, but how many sing in the bedroom? We could count a good dozen - most of the housemates have had a singsong from their beds at one point or another, and there've even been some group singalongs. They've been markedly less tuneful since Zoe got evicted, though.


For the sake of decency, we won't go into too much detail here, but this year's housemates often took advantage of the closeness of a shared bed to get up to some, ahem, hanky panky. Despite being in a room with cameras behind all the mirrors - and half a dozen other people within arm's reach - certain couples, naming no names, got very close indeed.


Probably our favourite bedtime activity the housemates indulged in was storytelling. They might've grown out of bedtime stories some years ago, but the tradition got revived in the House. Who could forget Ashleigh's dramatic retelling of the legend of Finn McCool, or Mark's improvised tale of witches and queens? We're getting sleepy just thinking about it.