9 Things You Need To Know About Day 30

We keep saying it, but the final really is SO CLOSE now. You could count the time to go in hours. Minutes, even! But before we get there, there are more tasks to be done, arguments to be had, and, erm, underwear to be borrowed. Here's what you need to know about Day 30:

1. Kim kicked off

During the CBB Awards, in the early hours of the morn, Kim made some comments towards Bianca's boyf, Jamie, which caused a late night ruckus in the House.

2. Jedward ran out of underwear 

So John opted to wear Bianca's thong. No lie. 

3. CBB TV was launched!

As part of a task, Bianca and Jedward launched a new and exciting Big Brother shopping channel, selling some... interesting items!

4. Coleen was feeling introspective

And she poured her heart out in the Diary Room.

5. James C came to life in his new role as everyone's favourite imaginary grandad

Looks like James C's next acting role could be children's fairy-tale teller! Look at his little face!

6. Kim also enjoyed her role

She played the evil wizard. Naturally.

7. Bianca's hair extensions were almost destroyed

It's far from smooth sailing being a princess, you know. A good shampoo should get that out... We hope. 

8. James C found Jedward's weakness

Spoiler: it's being tickled.

9. The housemates put their fastest fingers first

In the final part of today's task, housemates faced a tricky quiz, featuring audience questions and yes! Another argument. Some things never change, eh?

What will tomorrow bring? Will the House come together to celebrate their last full day together? Only time will tell (but probably not, let's be honest).