8 Things You Need To Know About Day 29

The CBB final is close. So close we can smell it! But unfortunately one celebrity had to fall at the final hurdle, and that unlucky person was Calum! As well as the eviction, we witnessed a bunch of hilarious pranks and we were also treated to a rocking task. Here's what you need to know about Day 29:

1. The housemates rocked

Today, Big Brother gave the housemates a chance to get in touch with their rock 'n' roll side, transforming half the House into rockstars and the other half into their roadies. Rock on, housemates!

2. Bianca missed Jamie

The House feels emptier without Jamie's cuddles, apparently.

3. Coleen got a bit of a shock

Turns out taking a shower when James C and Calum are around is a risky than you may have thought .

4. James C got salty

After being given a secret task yesterday, James C has been on a bit of a wind-up, and poor old Coleen seems to be on the receiving end of most of his japes. It turns out that giving her a cold shower wasn't enough, so he also made her a very special cup of tea... Not one you'd want to try at home, either.

5. The show went on

After a day of living the rockstar lifestyle, The Housemate Mayhem took to the stage! For one housemate, though, the show was almost over...

6. Calum got evicted

Yup, our Best man got shown the door. Bye Calum! 

7. The House reeled... except Nicola

We pretty much never guess the outcome of an eviction correctly, but Nicola reckons she's called every one, up to and including Calum's eviction tonight. The rest of the House seemed pretty surprised though.

8. The #CBBAwards took place

Lucky viewers of the one-hour live feed on Channel 5 got to see some of the House awards taking place, with awards for the naughtiest, flirtiest and more being dished out. For the full list of winners you'll have to watch the show on Wednesday.

So who do you want to see crowned as CBB champion on Friday night? It's all down to you now. You and those all-important numbers. Remember, you're now voting to win, so make it count.