8 Things You Need To Know About CBB Day 5

While us minions were sleeping, not long after the clock struck twelve and we entered Day 5, things started to heat up in the House. Jasmine and the House hunk, Calum, had a cheeky goodnight kiss. ‘Ahh’ I hear you cry. Is this the early blossomings of a House romance? Or is it just friendly peck? Only time will tell. Love and lust aside, we had a returning furry friend briefly entering the house, glitter galore, secret tasks and some not-so conspicuous dance moves. All in all, Day 5 was pretty eventful. 

1. Could there be a budding romance on the cards?

Jasmine managed to sandwich herself between Calum and Jamie. We're sure there are some people out there who wouldn't mind changing places with her...

2. Everything got all glittery

And needless to say, Brandon sports the pigtail look very well.  

3. And Jasmine took the glitter trend to a new level


Brows on fleek. 

4. A secret task began... And Bianca was blissfully clueless. 

Most of the housemates tucked into some free pizza. Bianca had no idea. Aww.

5. James C welcomed back a returning Big Brother furry friend for his task

Yes, Tony the Pony made a returning cameo

6. Ray J has some super interesting dance moves

There are no words.

 7. And Jasmine's got some unusual twerking techniques

Don't try this one at home kids. 

8. Coleen gave the housemate she found the most attractive a lap dance

Wonder what Jasmine thought, Coleen?

Roll on Day 6.