8 reasons Celebrity Big Brother is going to be the best thing about January

It can be a cruel time, the first month of the year. High time to warm our cockles by reminding ourselves why CBB can provide welcome relief from the harsh weather and post New Year comedown. Here are eight reasons this series will be the best thing about January 2016.

It’s cost effective

Stephanie and George

January’s a long month and every evening spent at home watching CBB is money not spent on rabble-rousing. So stay in, stick the kettle on, and tune in to Channel 5. 

It will be warm

Keith in the snow

Yes there’ll be fighting, uproar and general upset, but there’ll also be warm moments amongst the housemates to stave off the bitter January cold.

It will make you treasure your family

Christmas may have involved far too much time dealing with irritating uncles and screaming nieces, but CBB will be a timely reminder that no matter how family can be, at least you weren’t locked in with a ragtag bunch of famous strangers.

You won’t break any resolutions watching it

Janice says no

Watching the show doesn’t require you to give in to too much temptation, so all those New Year promises you made to yourself will remain completely intact.

You can detox

Kav eating flour

You’ll be sick and tired of revelry by the early days of the month, so CBB is the perfect excuse for sober evenings in with the added bonus of watching assorted celebs getting merry and slightly embarrassing on your behalf.

It injects life back into the schedules

James clapping

After all the Christmas specials are viewed and the soaps have hit their big festive peak, telly gets a bit boring when everything’s settled down. A dose of Celebrity Big Brother is just the ticket to get your TV bouncing with thrills and spills.

You can use all your new pressies


Got a new device for Christmas? Fire up Twitter and Facebook on your tablets, phones and thingamabobs and get involved with every CBB debate and hot potato going. It’s the best use for all those gadgets from Santa.

You can work out with the housemates

Determined to get fit as you see in 2016? Get some inspiration from the celebs. There’s always a ripped housemate or two making a show of themselves as they show off their intense training regime, each and every morning. Join in at home and watch the festive flab fade.

Convinced yet? Let's face it - you may as well devote all of January to Celebrity Big Brother. You'll be a better person for it and you know it.

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Launch, Tuesday 5th January at 9pm on Channel 5