7 Things You Need To Know About Day 28

The end is oh-so-near yet at the same time oh-so-far. As our remaining celebs etch closer and closer to the finish line, Day 28 consisted of an aftermath of a shock eviction, and a tension building task. What else did the 28th day have in store for our beloved housemates?

1. The viewers discovered Jamie O’Hara had been evicted!

As judgement weekend drew to a close, one housemate was sentenced to eviction. Sadly for Bianca, it was time to say goodbye to Jamie.

2. Don’t move James C’s chocolate.

As part of a secret task, James C had to deliberately cause trouble in the House. Framing Jedward, he blamed the boys for moving his chocolate. Don't ever move James C's chocolate, got that?!

3. Calum NEVER predicted that

No Jamie? No Speidi?! Calum had VERY different thoughts about which celebs he thought would make it to the final week. Soz current housemates. 

4. The housemates were treated to a takeaway, yummy.

After finishing off the task, the housemates were treated to a yummy curry takeaway. Guess the chocolate drama was all worth it in the end. 

5. Coleen’s purple reign resides once more.

Love a lil bit of purple don’t ya Colz.

6. Jedward made Coleen a pretty head accessory.

Not only are Jedward super skilled at creating the most solid of quiffs, they also proved their pretty nifty at crafting a lovely looking hair accessory. 

7. Bianca misses Jamie. 

After Jamie's shock backdoor eviction, his bae Bianca was left solo, without her better half. Taking to the wall, she even penned a not for her love on his picture. 

One more housemate must say their goodbyes tonight, but who? Get voting now for your winner of CBB 2017!