7 Things You Need To Know About CBB Day 6

What are Sundays usually for? Rest, lazing around, or a delicious roast? Not this Sunday, not for our celeb housemates. Nomination woes and worries disturbed the peace, but that's not all. Interesting hairstyles and accessories, not to mention words of wisdom from our more experienced housemates, were on the menu for Day 6...

1. A peaceful Sunday was interrupted by nominations

Just look at the happiness on some of their faces. Priceless. 

2. John and Edward were the undisputed masters of quiffery

The twins did each other’s signature hairstyle, the quiff, this morning. Basically it secured their status as masters of the quiff for life. 

3. James J didn't mind being colourfully mummified by the housemates

Calum, Spencer and Jedward had James J all wrapped up. They do know Halloween was months ago, right? 

4. James J spied some potential Stacy and Jasmine dramz

Veteran housemate James Jordan had his beady little eyes on a potential clash between Stacy and Jasmine... Will it come to fruition? James J came to the Diary Room to break it down for Big Brother

5. Bianca continued her bid to become the queen of hair accessories

She ditched the spikes and went for a cute bow today. Aww. 

6. Coleen dropped some words of wisdom on Jasmine

She's a wise one, that Coleen. But will Jasmine heed her warnings about the potential pitfalls of flirting? Our Coleen doesn't hold back.  

7. Austin reclaimed the bathtub

Last time he was in the House, Austin and James Hill made the bathtub their own. This time round, he's had to share it with Nicola, Jasmine, and Stacy. Still, he seemed quite happy about it.

What will Day 7 bring? Check back later to find out.