Christopher Talken

7 things we've learned about the housemates today

They've barely been in the building ten minutes, but we're already getting to know the new housemates. Here's what we've learned about our latest bunch of lodgers so far...

1. Mark gets a spray tan once a week

You'd never have known, would you?

2. Steven cares about his hair. A lot.

Dear mirrors, expect to be seeing a lot of this face in the coming weeks.

3. Helen likes to clean

Every home needs a tidy dweller to clean up after the rest. Helen seems happy to take on that role - although she might change her mind after a couple of dirty dinners.

4. Pauline has a sweet tooth

She also prefers limes to lemons, in case you were wondering. What? These are important facts!

5. Christopher could talk for Northern Ireland

The lad from County Fermanagh hasn't stopped nattering since he woke up. We're going to call him Christopher Talken... get it?

6. Tamara has no heart

The Londoner had no sympathy for poor Matthew as he complained of his box-based woes. She just laughed (and laughed and laughed) instead.

7. Matthew already has a nickname

The housemates have christened him 'David Blaine', after his fellow glass cage squatter. He better learn some card tricks pronto.