7 things that happened in tonight's show: Day 35

This week's shopping task is all about testing our housemates' willpower, and basically we've discovered that they haven't got any. Here's what happened in tonight's show:

Sam and Ellie took things to the next level

He slept in HER bed. 

Housemates saw the light

To earn their shopping budget this week, housemates will need to keep Big Brother's light on by refusing the temptation to spend time with their friends and family.

None of them resisted temptation

And there were lots of tears.

Seriously, they ALL chose to see their families

And then cried. There were so many tears.

Simone made amends

But she also fessed up to Sue that she'd been the one behind the bottle prank.

Sam and Ellie almost broke up

But then they didn't, after all.

Chanelle got the hump with Sue

Eavesdroppers never hear anything nice about themselves, do they? Awksssssssss.