6 Things You Need To Know About Day 31

Tonight was our celebs' last night in the Big Brother House! That's right. This time tomorrow, they'll all be out, and we'll know who the winner is! Excitinggggggggggg. Before we get too carried away, though, let's take a look at what Day 31 was all about...

1. Kim was thinking about survival

Kim had a theory about why Jedward have had such a lovely time in the House: because they've got each other. Kind of sweet, really.

2. John dressed up as Kim

In case you're wondering, this wasn't a task.

3. Then Nicola and Bianca dressed up as Jedward

And neither was this

4. The housemates had a movie night

They watched home movies and ate popcorn. As you do.

5. Then they had a bit of a boogie

The moves, Coleen's got 'em.

6. Jedward signed up another member to their fanclub

As the night continued, Kim had a bit of a confession for Jedward. We assume she'll be buying their 2017 calendar when she gets out.

And that's it for Day 31! The end has never been nigh-er, so if you want to make sure your fave walks away with the CBB crown, you'll need to get voting!