6 Things You Need To Know About Day 27

Day 27 saw Big Brother's Judgement Weekend come to a close - and, for one housemate, the entire experience was over, and they were escorted out of the back door! But we can't tell you about that right now. Here's what you do need to know about Day 27:

1. Jedward love the rain

Do we need to add a caption to this? Let's be honest, you're either hypnotised or scrolling past at speed...

2. And not wearing pants

Today they wrote a song about going commando. As you do.

3. Kim's got serious opinions on underwear

She's firmly in favour of it, especially the lacy variety. 

4. Jamie's made bathtime friends

When Calum's not around, he can just hang out with the rubber ducks.

5. Housemates got grilled

In between all the fun and frolics, Judgement Weekend was still underway, and today each of the housemates had to face a personal interrogation. Scary stuff!

6. Judge Vanessa returned for the final time

And then it was crunch time. Judge Vanessa returned to deliver a verdict on behalf of the voting public, and someone had to leave? Who? You'll find out in Monday's show, Channel 5, 9pm.