6 things that happened in tonight's show: Day 41

Now The Hunt's over, all the housemates must just be relaxing and enjoying themselves, right? Well... not exactly. Here's what happened in tonight's show:

Andrew had a tantrum

Had someone stolen his beloved goggles? Nope, Big Brother had just set him a secret task.

Chanelle had a meltdown

But it turned out to be another secret task.

Housemates got a bit touchy-feely

Chanelle and Andrew picked Raph and Isabelle to enjoy their task prize with them. Massages all round!

Hannah and Andrew clashed

We all knew it was coming.

Ellie and Sam got closer

Not that close, though. Minds out of the gutter!

And Raph played a prank...

Note to housemates: don't put stuff in Hannah's pillow, she won't think it's funny.