6 things that happened in tonight's show: Day 16

WE'VE GOT NEW HOUSEMATES! In tonight's show, three potential housemates played for their chance to join the Big Brother House, but only two could stay. Who was it? Well, let's recap...

There were more eggs-cellent pranks

Chanelle got Raph in on it, too. Big Brother was not amused.

The new potential housemates arrived!

And it was down to Lotan, Chanelle, and Kieran to choose which two of them could move in.

They picked Savannah and Isabelle

Hard luck, Sam

Isabelle's tan raised eyebrows

As did the fact that she and Kieran had hooked up in the past! Awkward.

The boys got themselves into a lather

Literally, by sharing a shower.

And Lotan took a shine to Savannah

Ellie's not gonna like that.