6 things that happened on tonight's show: Day 13

Day 13 was Raph's birthday - but while there was a party on offer, it wouldn't be Big Brother if things were that easy! Here's everything that happened in tonight's episode:

Ellie and Tom made Raph a birthday cake

No word on how it turned out, which probably isn't good news.

Tom's not much of an acrobat

But at least he sorted things out with Hannah after literally falling flat on his face.

Raph got pied off

To win his birthday party, Raph had to sing Happy Birthday to himself in four languages, answer Big Brother trivia questions... and shove a pie in his own face. And why not?

Hannah is a twerking queen


Ellie and Tom broke the rules, and had to be punished

So Big Brother sent them to jail.

And Lotan and Ellie are DEFINITELY not a thing now

It all got a bit awks.