Tree of Sin

5 things we learnt about the housemates from the “Tree of Sin” task

Today, the housemates tackled the Tree of Sin task and revealed some truly devilish secrets from their past. Here are a few things we discovered.

1. Victoria believes in aliens

Actually, she doesn’t just believe in the little green men, she believes she is one! Watch out when Victoria’s about, housemates, you might just find yourselves abducted…

2. Jackson’s slept with over 300 people

The Nottingham model’s certainly not shy when it comes to his exploits in the bedroom.

3. Chelsea spent £10,000 in a nightclub

Big Brother meets a Big Spender... Living up to his name, Chelsea binge-spent a whopping £10,000 in a nightclub in just 3 hours! Will he struggle away from the life of luxury in the House?

4. Marco’s slept with two sisters and their mum

That’d make for an awkward Christmas dinner.

5. Georgina’s never been in love

Poor "Heartless" Georgina. But maybe Big Brother 2016 will be her chance to find that special someone? Watch this space!

See the housemates take on the Tree of Sin task on Thursday at 9pm on Channel 5.