5 things that happened on tonight's show | Day 44

Tonight’s episode was full of toe sucking, nipple sucking, and THE STEAL reaches its dramatic conclusion!

Sam and Ellie spend the night in the boudoir…

And spooning DOES NOT lead to forking.

Andrew did some steamy bottle sucking…

And Isabelle decided to make out with Kieran’s nipple.

Andrew chooses SAM to evict in THE STEAL, meaning Sam is to remain in the house until eviction as a DEAD MAN WALKING…

And Andrew bags himself a total of £33,900 prize money!

Sam is riled up by the fact that he has been selected for eviction

And tells Ellie he is NOT happy with Andrew for not apologising.

It’s all heating up! Stay tuned to find out who will be up for EVICTION this week!