32 pics for 32 days

Time has flown in the CBB House. We've had tears, tantrums, shock exits and entrances, and even a cheeky lil' romance. So what better way to reminisce about the last 32 days than in pictures?

Day 1:  A shocked faced Calum

Calum Best wasn't aware that his mum, Angie, would be entering the House. His facial reaction: priceless.

Day 2: Ray J bathing with ducks

Although he wasn't with us for long, Ray J's bizarre bathing techniques with his rubber duckies did make us chuckle. 

Day 3: Heidi helped to create #Watergate

Things kicked off in a big way between Austin and Speidi.

Day 4: Calum and Jasmine got cosy

Feels like a lifetime ago when this romance was on the cards.

Day 5: Coleen gave Calum a lapdance

Go on, we know you wouldn't want to forget this. 

Day 6: Austin went all out

Austin was never one to shy away from full frontal shows.

Day 7: Angie's detox task began

None of the housemates were big fans of it tbf.

Day 8: TheLand of Nod task began

Poor sleep-deprived housemates.

Day 9: That emotional Brandon farewell

The DJ made tracks out of the House faster than a club remix BPM.

Day 10: Jasmine lashed out at Big Brother by frying her mic

A furious Jasmine fried her mic after having to read out mean tweets about herself.

Day 11: Chloe, Jessica and Kim arrived

And nothing was ever the same again.

Day 12: John painted Edward with nature's own mud

Jedward entertained us with highly visual larks.

Day 13: The Weekend from Hell was in full swing

And look how thrilled Stacy was about it.

Day 14: Don't start with Kim

A hurricane blew through the House.

Day 15: And again...

Say it with us. 1, 2, 3.... ADULTERER!

Day 16: Chloe performed a fabulous lapdance on John

Did he feel a little twinge there?

Day 17: We learned that  the housemates made cool superheroes

Check out the chic looks of Pratt Attack and Bianca the Bold.

Day 18: Coleen was over the moon to be saved from eviction

Look at her thrilled little face!

Day 19: Calum and Jamie's bromance peaked. 

Nothing beats a bath with a friend.

Day 20: Jessica placed her healing hands on Calum

That Best magnetism draws the ladies.

Day 21: Things got cosy between Baime (Bianca +Jamie)

They were rarely seen apart, and rarely not touchng.

Day 22: Then it quickly unravelled

Bianca's 'mum'  - aka her secret boyfriend - on the outside was revealed.

Day 23: There were tears

Housemates were given an emotional choice - family or food?

Day 24: Dough not all food was for eating

The Baker's Dozen task was loaves of fun.

Day 25: Self-confessed cool-cat of the House Calum lost it with Jedward

There was a big rumble and everyone thought they were a gentleman.

Day 26: Austin returned as a witness for Judgement Weekend

Fingers were pointed and charges were levelled.

Day 27: Kim tried it on with a police officer

Yes, my luvvies. 

Day 28: James C, Kim and Jedward pulled off a task

They had to start arguments. What a hoot.

Day 29: The band The Housemate Mayhem was formed

Check out the moody publicity shot.

Day 30: CBB TV enabled story-time with James C

Is that book extra large? Or is James C smaller than we thought?

Day 31: There was a Christmas Eve-style party...

...If the CBB Final can be compared to Christmas.

Day 32: The end of the road!

Goodbye sweet princes and princesses.