The 14 best gifs of the series

We love a good gif. And our celebrity housemates this time round were clearly happy to oblige us, because they were forever pulling faces, striking poses, and generally doing brilliantly gif-worthy things. Here are our 14 faves of the series:

The one where Jedward just wanted to watch what happened next

The one where Nicola couldn't hit that button hard enough

The one where Spencer had a bout of existential terror

The one where Jessica just couldn't even

The one where James J was a naughty schoolboy

The one where Kim got really into character

The one where James C really was the Lord Commander

The one where Chloe found out she was getting chicken nuggets for dinner

The one where you can almost hear the "yaaaas!"

The one where Bianca wasn't quite sure she heard that right...

The one where Calum was so shocked, just so shocked

The one that sent Jedward fans into meltdown

The one where Spencer got totes emosh

The one for getting the party started

Get right-clicking, then, because with these in your arsenal, your reaction gif game is gonna be strong.