14 best gifs of Big Brother 2017

So Big Brother 2017 is OVER! Here are some of the best gifs of the season to help with your end of series blues.

Ellie enjoyed a yummy chicken tikka masala… in milkshake form.

Tom got completely soaked while he was imprisoned for a task!

The housemates had a dance party, and Joe danced so hard he accidentally sat on Chanelle’s head.

Ellie and VIP housemate Marnie did some serious female bonding… ;)

How could we forget Chanelle’s twerking?!

Charlotte received the shock of a lifetime… Literally.

Andrew got up close and personal with Kieran…

Isabelle actually cried when Big Brother gave her some fake tan!

Sue got annoyed at Sam and Ellie’s loud kissing.

Kieran and Deborah got their flirt on…

Raph gave Chanelle a HOT lapdance!

Charlotte became a mime for a day…

While Deborah taught Raph how to twerk!

And Tom spent a few days in The Attic, and the moment he reunited with Kieran was so adorbs.